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My name is Maritza.

As founder and CEO of Jeronkie, an award winning photography and photography supplies solution, I specialize in kids, pets, baby and family photography, however my vast resource network make it possible to “capture” any type of event. I am a wife and mother of 3 (not to mentioned the furry additions to our family) and understand the importance of cost effective quality and to capture every special moment.

Where did it all start? Well, I have always been interested in photography and took my first photograph (of my mom & dad on the beach) when I was about 10 years old, now not to divulge my age, it was many years ago. Parties, weddings, funny moments, I was there ready to click away… what started as a hobby developed, with the partnership of industry leading equipment, into a multi award winning business. The passion for photography has grown over the years and it is really close to my heart.

So if you’re looking to capture your memories in a professional cost effective manner you have come to the right place!

Come and enjoy the images and stories behind them.